SURPRISE: Celebrating 10 Years of R.I.P.P.E.D. with 10 Days of GIVEAWAYS

#RIPPEDFamily, we finally let the cat out of the bag!

Starting June 27th we will be doing DAILY GIVEAWAYS on Facebook and Instagram leading up to our anniversary on the July 7th, 2018. Our #RIPPEDTURNS10 Giveaway competition will have separate rules on both platforms, which means 20 chances to WIN a surprise prize. Every day you will be eligible to win a new prize on both platforms, which Terry and Tina will announce the following day along with the winner.

Ready for the BEST part? Each day you participate, counts as an entry to win the grand prize, which will be revealed on July 7th when Terry and Tina announce the ultimate winner. It’s going to be MAJOR Family!

We wanted to celebrate you, the #RIPPEDFamily, and your dedication and loyalty to this special program. And we know for sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Now let’s get down to the details and rules:

#RIPPEDTURNS10 Facebook Giveaway:

Every day we will ask a R.I.P.P.E.D.-related question and all you have to do is answer to enter to win that prize. Look out for bonus entry opportunities on select days, when you will be able to submit multiple entries.

For example: “Answer the question = 1 entry,” while “answer + picture = 2 entries.” This increases your chance of winning daily and winning the grand prize so pay close attention to the questions of the day (QOTD).

Each winner will be randomly chosen Live on Facebook by Terry and Tina on the following day.

*You must be following the RIPPEDFans Facebook page to be eligible to win.

#RIPPEDturns10 Instagram Giveaway:

The rules of our #RIPPEDTurns10 Instagram Giveaway is simple:

  1. Follow @RIPPEDfans on Instagram
  2. Like the daily giveaway post
  3. Tag your fitness friends.

Don’t worry, there’s an Instagram bonus entry opportunity as well! Each friend you tag counts as an entry. For example, if you tag 2 friends, your name will be submitted twice, and if you tag 5 friends, your name will be submitted 5 times.

The prize will be announced and the winner will be randomly chosen on Instagram on the following day.

We’re super pumped to see all of your answers and your excitement when we reveal the prizes. Let the celebrations begin—tomorrow at 12 noon on both platforms!

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