The #RIPPEDFamily Reveals Their Favorite Season of All Time

#RIPPEDFamily, we asked and of course you all came through with pure gold! In honor of the 10th Anniversary of our first class, (let’s take a moment to let that sink in) we wanted to reminisce over the past 32 seasons and hear about your favorites.  We know, we know—not an easy task, but you guys did it and we loved hearing about all your amazing memories with us.

We found two things:

  1. The #RIPPEDFamily loves all the seasons. (Obviously!)
  2. Most of your favorite seasons have to do with when you first joined our Family and when you became certified. (Touching!)
  3. You guys reaallly love Season 16!
Ken Johnson

“I will go back to Season 11. That is the season when I started teaching R.I.P.P.E.D. and was the re-birth of my fitness journey. It meant so much to be making this change in my life that the memories are very near and dear to my heart.”

Cece Drury

“S30   because Revival!!!” (Good one Cece!)

Angel Dela Cruz

“S24 was my certification season and S17 has the song Magic. Resistance in S17 was the first section I actually taught.”

Jen Holland
Season 33 Shoot!!!

“Season 27 because I was blessed to be in the video with the rest of my BOSS LADIES! And Season 30 because REVIVAL was a weekend I’ll NEVER forget!!!! Every time I do either of those seasons (or a part of either of them) I think about all the AMAZING memories I made with each of them” *Holds back tears

Jaime Sabe Foster

“Season 16 is my favorite. I think because that was just launched when I started taking classes and the first one I purchased from the huddle after being certified.”

Laurie Tucker Freudenberger

Seasons 28, 29 & 31. Seasons 28 & 29, since that’s when I got certified they are dear to me and fun! Also, I like the music used in these three seasons.

Janice Carter Smith

“I’d say S16 because that’s when I got certified to teach, S10 because it’s awesome and, S28 has a very special place in my heart because it was an AMAZING experience being part of the cast!! #RippedforLife”

Amy Wilson

“S3 because that was my first Season” (R.I.P.P.E.D. Veteran Alert!)

Angel Chinault Chadwell

“Season 30 (Revival), Season 31 (RIPPED2Fit) and then I’ve got favorite tracks from most every Season that are “go-to’s.” It’s just too hard to pick! Season 10 was when I was certified and I do love that Hulk and Spiderman Power!” We know it’s hard Angel. We love them all too!

Natalie Parshall
  1. Season 13 because it was nice to see all men!
  2. Season 27 because it had great music!
  3. Season 11 because it really challenged me.
Cindy Weber

“Season 17 because that was my first time in R.I.P.P.E.D which was my certification. S30 because Revival was so special and I got to meet everyone in person.”

Jana Taylor-Riley

“Season 16 because it is my first one. I loved the energy from Revival in the video! I am so in love with R.I.P.P.E.D. because it is a fitness format that anyone can do. :)) S22 is great because you can partner up and my students love that! S19 is pretty amazing too with DIBBY and a Slice of Apple Pie R.I.P.P.E.D. style!! Another of my students favs! Love ya R.I.P.P.E.D. fam!” Love ya too Jana!

Brittney Kay Denton Hazel

“I have to say season 32 because I just got trained this past Sunday in it!!!” Ahhh Congrats Brittney!

Sheila Sinsay

“My top three are seasons 27, 30, and 31. S27 has a special place in my heart. It was the first time I tried, and fell in love with, R.I.P.P.E.D.! S30 was when I got certified to teach! S31 was the first season I actually taught my first solo class.”

Jeri Winterburn

“Season 3 & 5!!!!! They are first ones I ever did. I love the music, the workout( it’s a tough one) and I listened to the CD MY WHOLE 5-hour drive home! I have many great memories as the first club around Washington State to offer it, and Jennifer was such a great instructor!” Whoo another R.I.P.P.E.D. veteran!

Stefanie Cansler

“Season 7 for its Intervals and Bruno Mars!” We’re pretty fond of Bruno too!

Becky Raderstorf

“10 is one of my favorites because that’s what I trained on and 16 because it was my first revival where and when I decided to become an instructor”

Darci Martin-Matzke

“Season 16 resistance and endurance will forever remain my favorite. I started classes with this and I was certified with this.”

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